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December 18, 2018

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Bermuda's Economic Future

Profits are good. Losses are bad. International business is good. Money laundering is bad. Bermuda is good. The Carribean (and a couple of other 'offshore' jurisdictions) are bad.
This is the general view of Bermuda's economy at the moment it seems. But just wait until they get a handle on the money laundering. Then they'll work on "international business". Besides, lost tax dollars are lost tax dollars, and the US will sure need more tax dollars if these tax cuts are passed.
Bermuda, your future looks grim.
-The Invisible Hand, 31/3/01

Am I not psychic? Now what do we do about it? We're not seeing (let alone hearing) much in the way of leadership on this issue... But that gets into politics - so I'll stop there.
-The Invisible Hand, 30/9/02